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Welcome to IRCALC

IRCALC is an online non-profit, non-government confederation of
writers, scholars and researchers from all over the world with common
interest in African studies, particularly the literary arts and
cultures of Africa and the Diaspora. Assisted by Africa Research
International IRCALC editors also see to the regular publishing of the
international journals of African Literature and Culture (JALC) and
New Poetry of African expressions (NP).

[0203032L.jpg] For years IRCALC initiative in research in African
literature has provided a world wide forum for exchange of
information, ideas, and research writings that enrich our
understanding of Africa's rich and diverse cultural heritage by member
organizations, college departments, libraries and individuals across
the Diaspora.

Members cut across all races and nationalities and are committed to a
more imaginative approach to Africa's development issues. JALC and NP
journal publications are available online by subscription while
contributing individual and institutional members will continue to
receive all annual /quarterly IRCALC publications /newsletters.

IRCALC Literary Reviews

Available in PDF

[Journal of African Literature and Culture JALC No. 3 2006]

Anezi Okoro: The Flying Tortoise

Judith Coullie: The Closest of Strangers

Bettina Weiss (Ed.) The End of Unheard Narratives:

(Contemporary Perspectives on Southern African Literature)

[Journal of New Poetry NP V3 2006]

Ana Raquel Lourenчo Fernandes et al (Eds.) [13]Poemas

Guinщ-Bissau (Poems From Guinea-Bissau)

Kei Miller. Kingdom of Empty Bellies

Joy Etiowo. Mma and other Poems

[Journal of New Nigerian Poetry NNP No. 2 2005]

[adbtn.jpg] [17]Ukam's Little Cobra

Africa Literary Journal ALJ No. 2 2005]

A Reading of Abubakar Gimba's Innocent Victims and
Sunset for a Mandarin


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members are published in the IRCALC Newsletter/Directory.

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Other foreign languages should be accompanied with English

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Editorial Director C Smith

Africa Editorial Advisers CE Chinenye, K Awoonor, E Emenyonu, R
Egudu, O Obafemi, N Osundare, O Enekwe, G Elem, V Kemoli , I Kalu , A

Regional /Project Editors A Grants, CN Nke'm, GMT Emezue, I Marques,
Editors M Lillet, J Ushie, O Oha, Cover Editor Ml Randall,
Editorial Reviewers AB Amoah, J Etiowo, N Nichols, J Westmoreland




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